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As we’ve heard many times, YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine based on volume of queries. Because of that, there are a lot of advertising opportunities within YouTube. However, most marketers do not know where to start when it comes to video. There are two ways to setup a video ad campaign: AdWords for Video and Display Ad Builder

AdWords for Video
Adwords for Video uses a CPV (cost-per-view) bidding format. Using the TrueView video formats and CPV marketers only pay when videos are watched. “Watched” is the keyword there, not “shown”. The advantage is viewers choose ads that they want to watch and relevant to them.

Display Ad Builder
Using the Display Ad Builder approach is the way to go if you interested in cost-per-click measurement in video marketing. The Display Ad Builder allows you to create multiple banner formats and sizes, plus video. YouTube provides templates for those that don’t claim to have a creative side.

Using the Display Ad Builder allows you to mix your display, video, and even search ads together in the same campaign. Although, that may not be the recommended approach.

Display Ad Builder

TrueView Video
As mentioned above TrueView videos uses the CPV format. Below are some options when using AdWords for video.

  1. In-Stream Video Ads
    In-Stream Videos appear at the beginning of YouTube videos. After 5 seconds, they provide the user with the option to skip the rest of the ad video. Advertisers are charged when 30 seconds of the video is viewed.
  2. In-Search Video Ads
    In-Search advertising uses the search results of YouTube to advertise, also known as “YouTube Promoted Videos.” Just like traditional search PPC, this approach uses keyword searches. The cost for the ad is triggered when someone clicks on the video.
  3. In-Display Video Ads
    This includes promoted videos, suggested and related video promotions, plus Click-to-Play. The video ad formats allow for multiple sizes. Advertisers can choose whether the video plays within the ad unit or when the user clicks to watch the video. Advertisers are charged when a video is watched.

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