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Twitter Advertising Opportunities For Success

Looking to connect with your audience in a fresh, meaningful, and profitable way? As a marketer, of course you are! Whether you’re a novice (worry not, you’ll get up to speed in no time) when it comes to advertising on Twitter or it has been quite some time since you’ve last had your hands in the dashboard, there are a number of opportunities worth exploring that you may find quite helpful in reaching more people and accomplishing your goals. Keep reading for a breakdown of some ways you can utilize Twitter Ads to succeed.

Campaign Type Variations

Twitter Ads launched back in April of 2010 and campaign types back then, as you can imagine, were quite limited. Previously, there were only three options to get in front of users; promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. Today, we have a wider variety of options to choose from depending on your goals. Here are the most current campaigns types you can set up:

  • Followers – If you’re looking to grow your community on Twitter, this is a great option to tell users why they should follow you. Run ads that share something relevant, useful, or interesting to entice Twitter users to follow your account. With this type of “promoted account” your ads will be displayed in user timelines as well as in suggestions for “who to follow”. With this type of campaign, I typically encourage clients to use the smallest portion of their budget, as others have a stronger call to action, obtain user data, or drive users directly to your website and would have a higher ROI. The others below would benefit from having a larger portion of your budget to work with. While this type is helpful in growing your fan base,  it doesn’t usually drive immediate users directly to your site.
  • Website Clicks or Conversions – If your goal is to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions such as purchases or sign ups, this campaign type is most excellent. Here, users will see your ads in their timelines and in Twitter search results. In addition to doing this, set up retargeting campaigns so that you can continue marketing to those who may not complete an action on your site that you were hoping they would from your ad.
  • Tweet Engagements – Perhaps you’re looking to reach more people and drive engagement rates through retweets, replies, and favorites. This option is fantastic for increasing conversations happening around your tweets. With this, your audience will see tweets in their timelines and in Twitter search results as images or Twitter Cards.
  • App Installs or Engagements – Many users view Twitter on their mobile devices. If you want to drive conversations and downloads, use this option to get people to open or better yet, install your mobile app. As you would expect, this ad type is seen only in mobile timelines. As an extra bit of advice from personal positive ROI experience, test a strong call to action such as “DOWNLOAD” or “INSTALL NOW” in the copy of your promoted tweet.
  • Leads on Twitter – Lastly, if your mission is to collect emails from users who express interest in your business, this is an effective way to acquire leads. To launch this type of campaign, a lead generation card must be first set up, which doesn’t take long and the UI to do so makes the process quick and painless.

Bonus Targeting Criteria

In addition to targeting by location and gender, you may also target users by keywords, usernames, if they are on a brand new device or carrier, TV markets (country, shows, networks, genres), or even by interests, and behaviors. Talk about an exciting collection of targeting options!

Newer to this collection are interests and behaviors. Interest options vary from beauty, education, careers, family, events, life stages, pets, technology, and more. With behaviors, you can target around automotive, finance, lifestyle, retail brands, seasonal, and other behaviors which break down further, as seen here:

I find it particularly interesting that you can target by new devices or carriers. By doing this, you can reach users who use Twitter for the very first time on their new mobile device or carrier. Within this option, you can also include and exclude people who qualify for this within a certain time span, such as in the last month. If you are marketing a mobile app, this would be a perfect opportunity to get in front of a user who just purchased a new device and would more likely be interested in downloading some new apps.

Retargeting Multiple Ways

Lastly, if your users don’t initially convert, it’s not a lost cause. With Twitter Ads, there’s not one, but two ways to do retargeting; directly from Twitter through tailored audiences or through a third party provider such as AdRoll. For instance, say you are a mobile app company, people have been clicking and opening your app through other campaigns, but haven’t yet installed your app. To set up retargeting directly through Twitter Ads to acquire more app downloads, add tailored audiences through the “Tools > Audience Manager” drop down in the navigation, and then in your new campaign set up,  click on “Add Tailored Audiences” to select your web or mobile app list, but be sure to exclude people who already downloaded your app so they don’t continue seeing your ads. If your list size is small, you can also expand to reach similar users under audiences in your campaign to add more volume.

If you are working with a third party provider, you will have to place retargeting tags on your website to begin collecting users. Your third-party account manager will usually take care of synching audiences to Twitter from their end. All you then have to do is go into your Twitter Ads UI and create a new campaign and add the audience “from the web” that will show up under tailored audiences. If you plan to set up both types of retargeting campaigns via Twitter, set up separate campaigns to better track performance and budget, as they may vary.

There is plenty of room to get creative, reach the right people, and get them to convert. While sales may not always happen on the first click, social ads are still an important part of the funnel. Your audience is most likely there, give it a go and get in front of them by using Twitter to test out a campaign or two.

About Akvile Harlow

Akvile Harlow is a digital marketing strategist and consultant based in Southern California. She specializes in paid search, social media, and content marketing.