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Search Engine Optimization

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Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing

With proper management and a clear focus, paid search services offer THE fastest, most well targeted, far-reaching, and economical advertising available online.
PPC Marketing

Our expert PPC staff understands how vital pay-per-click can play in your search engine marketing strategy. We provide wide-ranging PPC services as part of ongoing marketing efforts.

An effective PPC strategy can also guide keyword research for a search engine optimization campaign. This allows for testing of live keywords and the ability to track conversion rates in paid listings before it is implemented into an SEO strategy. Because of this approach, we often recommend a combined SEO & PPC strategy; they do not need to compete, but will complement each other.

One of the keys to a successful pay-per-click program is choosing the right keywords. We not only want keywords that attract clicks, but more importantly, we want to attract the clicks that yield new customers and help our clients grow their business.

Our Pay-Per-Click Services Include:

  • Creation of targeted, well budgeted campaigns.
  • Development of high quality scores through streamlined ad groups and landing page optimization.
  • Tracking of conversions and manual bidding (we never automate).
  • Creating enticing and relevant ad copy.
  • Detailed analysis and in-depth monthly reporting.

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