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The Pros and Cons of Google’s Enhanced Campaigns

Google Enhanced, what’s up with that? 

Earlier this month Google, announced a major upgrade to their AdWords platform with Enhanced Campaigns.The update is designed to address the multi-device world that we live in by allowing marketers to control bid adjustments based on search dimensions such as device, time of day and location all within a single campaign.

Traditionally campaigns within AdWords are separated by device, essentially making twice the work, but makes sense because each has a separate strategy. Enhanced Campaigns will blend ads served on mobile devices, desktops and tablets, forcing PPC professionals to rework accounts and completely adjust action plans.

With the price of tablets and smart phones going down, searching using multi-devices is the norm, and Enhanced Campaigns is thought to be be the solution to target customers based on their changing search intentions.

For example, a cupcake shop may want to pay more for ads served on a mobile device searching within a mile of the shop, and less for an ad served on a desktop outside of the shop’s metro area because that customer may be less likely to make a purchase.

I suppose that the upgrade makes sense, and it’s a good reminder that PPC marketing is about search intent and users, not devices (but it’s still a bit annoying.)

Enhanced Campaigns will require PPC pros to adjust their way of thinking, which can be good and bad, and kind of exciting.

Here are a few of my pros and cons of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns:

Pro + Super crazy targeting options and bid adjustment control.
Con – The hours that will be required to break down keywords, settings, targeting and ad groups to adapt to this change. And spreadsheets, there will be a lot of spreadsheets.

Pro + Bid adjustments based on location; a huge pro if you have multiple physical business locations.
Con – The average CPC in Google increases every year, except for mobile CPC. It could be argued that by pulling all devices together, it will push up the overall average CPC and Google profits.

Pro + Ad group level ad extensions, sitelinks, sitelink level reporting and scheduling. FINALLY!
Con – Nada, this is awesome.

Con – Sitelink text length will be reduced to 25 characters.
Pro + Sitelinks are a good way to test keywords and calls to action, this will force marketers to keep it simple and use the besttargeted words. Plus there will be sitelink reporting, yay data!

Pro + Mobile friendly websites will be a requirement!
Con – None, everyone should have a mobile friendly website, it’s 2013 people.

Pro + You can opt-out of bidding on ads on a specific device, so there are opportunities to work around the update. Con – You can’t have mobile-only campaigns.

Pro + It’s something new!
Con – It’s something new!

Pro + A mandatory upgrade shouldn’t happen until June, so there is a little bit of time to do your homework.
Con – Homework.

What pros and cons do you see with Enhanced Campaigns so far?  

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