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How To Tackle PPC Account Reorganization

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Have you just taken over a large AdWords or Bing Ads account that was previously in use? Can you already see from the get go that it’s going to need major organizational restructuring? I recently ran into another scenario such as this with an account and although I knew my stance on what my plan was going to be with the way I approached it for this particular client, I spent some time researching and discussing other approaches with peers because strategies do vary. There is no right or wrong way of going about it as every account and every client is unique. Some account managers may prefer a fresh start while others believe they can work with what they already have.

Before diving in, you essentially have two options; build upon the existing foundation and fix it in phases or start from scratch. Not sure which to road to go down? Here are some things to think about and prepare for before you make a decision.

Keep It:

Go through the account and assess if the campaigns and ad groups have a solid foundation. While going through it, ask yourself this, will it take more time to fix the account by working with what is already there or would it take more time to demolish it and start fresh?

If the foundation is solid enough, that’s great! You’ll have an abundance of useful data from previous campaigns to go off of along with an already existing account history and quality score. The only way from here is up. So what now? Where does one begin? First, talk to you client about the possible risks associated with an undertaking of this caliber. Educate your client that these changes may cause significant, however, temporary fluctuations such as possible drops in traffic, conversions, and even revenue. If they are aware and ok with these possibilities, roll your sleeves up and prepare to dive in. As overwhelming as projects like this can be, set those feelings aside, take a deep breath, and take it one step at a time.

Take it one campaign and ad group at a time. Run some reports to see how each has performed over the last 30-90 days, depending on the last time someone was in the account. Before beginning to make any changes, check if proper tracking is installed. Set a benchmark and track any and all changes as you make them so you can later share insights with your client and not have to make any guesses. Next, see if anything has an excessive CPA much above the client’s goals. I like to comb through and immediately pause anything that has an extremely high CPA or hasn’t converted in the date range selected. As I get more granular, I also pause non-converting keywords, non-converting ads, no longer applicable ad copy, and broken landing pages.

Once those are taken care of and are no longer wasting your budget, then work on bid optimization and ad copy optimization. Remember; just break this big project into smaller projects. Rebuilding is a process that is best done in phases.

Scratch It:

If after evaluating the foundation of the existing account, you’ve concluded that it’s too broken and would take much longer to rebuild than start anew, a better solution may be to start from scratch.

Sure, taking over an account with plenty of historical data is useful and exciting and you have a foundation to build upon and remodel, but if it’s just too great of a mess and a total loss, starting fresh may be the better alternative. As with anything, manage your client’s expectations with a project this big. Inform your client that starting over can in fact net higher CPC’s than before since the history will not transfer over to a new account. Speaking of which, is your client willing to forgo their existing account history? Are they ok with higher costs until you’re able to accumulate new historical data and produce positive results? Once you get approval and get started, may you enjoy a clean slate of building out a brand new organized account. It will take some time, however, it can be a really great decision for long term success.

Whether you choose to keep it or scratch it when it comes to a massive advertising account reorganization, be sure to inform your client of all possible outcomes so there won’t be any unwelcome surprise conversations down the road. As you prepare to get started, have a plan in place to prevent any further organizational issues going forward. And lastly, don’t forget to install proper tracking so that you have proof of any changes you’ve made and keep your client informed. Good luck and happy rebuilding!

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Akvile Harlow is a digital marketing strategist and consultant based in Southern California. She specializes in paid search, social media, and content marketing.