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Paid Search Predictions for 2015


Paid Search Predictions

It was most certainly an interesting year in digital marketing. Our paid search industry is anything but stagnant and that’s a great thing in this age of innovation. As we have more advertising platforms and targeting options to exercise our creativity as marketers, we can continue improving our campaign performance to drive brand awareness, traffic, and sales, all while providing a more customized experience for our users. As this year comes to an end, let’s take a look at some trends we experienced in 2014 that we will see again in 2015, however, they will heavily impact the way we market in new ways.

Even More Mobile
We’ve been having dialogs about the importance of mobile for quite some time now, if not several years already. If your website isn’t responsive to be mobile friendly at this point, redesigning it so that it is should be on the very top of your priority list before even heading into the new year. Mobile usage won’t be slowing down any time soon and if you’re not there, your potential customers will not be able to find you as easily or at all. Relevancy and a good experience is everything. Stay up to date and go where your users are.

In 2015, mobile device sales will continue to rise at impeccable speeds. There will be an even larger shift towards smartphone and tablet use as people in every household will own more than one mobile device each. With this being our reality, it’s surprising that many advertisers still have not yet taken advantage of mobile opportunities.

While some advertisers aren’t optimized for mobile, the others that are, are reaping the benefits. Though, as more join in, it will be come increasingly competitive and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it goes mainstream in the upcoming year. Get in the space, prepare for what’s coming up next by learning about mobile features that are in beta, and get in front of your users who are searching and making purchases on the go.

Audience Micro-targeting
We’ve seen several advertising platforms, especially Facebook and now Twitter significantly evolve their targeting options this year, particularly around user interests and behaviors. Micro-targeting will only further improve and provide us more to work with in 2015. With more collected data than ever before, we now have the means to utilize this information within our campaigns to help drive higher favorable results.

Don’t waste time and resources that aren’t speaking to your audience. Tailor your campaigns using behaviors and interests. Now that we are understanding our users better than ever, be mindful of your ad copy in that it doesn’t put off users by being too creepy.

If you’re working on a campaign but aren’t seeing a behavior category for what you think would be applicable, it’s safe to say that it will be available sometime next year, or at least something much closer to it. We will also see a lot more offline data coming in to the online space. We’ve already seen this happen in Facebook with their behavior targeting options where you can reach people who are in the market to buy a new vehicle in the next 180 days or people who have made recent credit card purchases. Powerful stuff! Stay tuned, as more will come.

Facebook Ads


Pay To Play
If you’re a social media marketer and you’re not doing PPC yet, or you’re a paid search advertiser, but haven’t dived into social ads, the time to get up to speed is now. With “free” platforms such Facebook and Twitter for its users, it’s becoming increasingly challenging as a brand to get in front of your audience through those networks. Don’t disregard your social channels. Considering how much of the worlds population is using social media on a daily basis, most likely, your audience is there. Get in front of it.

Social advertising platforms have evolved quite a bit and have a lot of similar features that you would find in AdWords. If retargeting is part of your strategy and it’s converting well, are you taking advantage of retargeting on Facebook? As a heads up, Twitter retargeting was in beta this year and it is now slowly being released to many accounts. Be prepared, and when able to, jump in there before it becomes too saturated and pleasantly surprise your users.

Hit The Ground Running
As we head into a fresh first quarter, I imagine that 2015 will be no less interesting. We will see a lot more user data, have access to a variety of new targeting options, and new technologies will change how and where we reach our audience. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding where your users are, how they are behaving, and how you can incorporate every relevant channel into your advertising strategy this coming year.

We wish you and your team a successful year ahead and best of luck with your advertising efforts. Cheers!

About Akvile Harlow

Akvile Harlow is a digital marketing strategist and consultant based in Southern California. She specializes in paid search, social media, and content marketing.