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LinkedIn Introduces Standalone Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Photo: LinkedIn

“We’re embarking on an era of social selling,” declared Sachin Rekhi, LinkedIn’s head of product management for Linked In Sales Solutions.


Sales are the lifeblood of a company and often include cold calling in the B2B world. But is there a more effective way to find leads? Recently, LinkedIn made its Sales Navigator a standalone product instead of a series of features. LinkedIn made this move based on the belief that social media is changing the buying and selling process. A LinkedIn company survey showed that salespeople who used social media in their selling process were 51% more likely to meet quotas that those who did not. For LinkedIn, social selling consists of establishing a social presence, finding the right people, engaging with those people and building trust. This understanding is built into Sales Navigator.


Sales Navigator’s features are intended to allow salespeople to focus on the right prospects, stay informed with insights and build trusted relationships. Some features are available in all plans whereas others are only available in Professional and Team editions.

  • Personalized lead recommendations
  • Account and contact importation from and syncing with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Premium Search with Lead Builder using premium filters with ability to save up to 3,000 leads
  • TeamLink to find connections and leads from within your company and sales team’s contacts to prospective companies
  • Real-time updates on leads and companies – job changes, etc.
  • Full network unlocks (25/month)
  • Full list of who’s viewed your profile
  • Premium profile
  • InMail messages (25/month)

CRM integration, TeamLink and Lead Builder are three of the most notable features of the new Sales Navigator. The first two allows salespeople to capitalize on their current contacts and those of their team members. Lead Builder allows you to create a custom lead list.

Pricing Plan

So how much does all this cost? For corporate customers, the subscription starts at $1,200 a year per person, but discounts apply based on payment plan and the number of team members. Also, individuals can get a discounted plan for around $60 per month. How much value is assigned to a customer will help determine whether this product is worth the price.

LinkedIn anticipated its users may be wary and annoyed about receiving sales pitches. Block rates and other statistics were closed watched during the pilot phase. Furthermore, Sales Navigator users are limited to 25 targeted emails (aka InMails) per month to control spam. LinkedIn users can also decline connection requests and block members.

You or your sales team are probably already using LinkedIn in some respect but still using a multitude of tools. Sales Navigator could simplify the process so your salespeople can focus on selling. This new product is presently available for desktop and mobile web with plans for mobile apps.

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