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Google Rolls Out Website Call Conversions

Google-website-call-conversionsDo you get much of your business by phone? Are you frustrated that you can’t determine the number of calls that come through Google Adwords advertisements but are actually made from your website? Do you know which keywords or ads are driving the calls?

Google recently introduced website call conversions to help advertisers track calls that occur after a user arrives on a website via a click-to-call ad. Although 70 percent of people click directly from the ads, the remaining people go to your website for more information before calling. Website call conversions dynamically inserts a Google forward number on your website to capture these individuals. It does not matter whether they click on the number on your website or dial it. This unique forwarding number displays for up to 90 days.

Once you have place a code snippet on your website, you will be able to start tracking. The data allows you to determine which keywords and ads are driving conversions. You can even assign different values to specific pages on your website. For example, a particular landing page may be more important to you than your home page. Different values will help you determine which pages are more effective. You also can now use Target CPA and Target ROAS flexible bid strategies.

Google has provided details on how you can set up website call conversions. You may need the services of your webmaster to properly set it up on your website. Step 2 is a bit complicated.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • Free call tracking
  • Seamless integration with Google Adwords
  • Keyword-level Adwords call tracking


  • Complicated website installation process
  • Only 800 numbers
  • No support
  • No advanced reporting
  • Limited to Australia, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • Past issues with call forwarding may still exist

If you do not already have a tracking solution, Google’s tool is a good place to start to find out how much of your telephone business is being driven by your advertisements and by which keywords. They work with click-to-call ads and can be used with other tracking solutions. Larger companies will probably prefer a more robust third-party solution. 

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