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Winning Google+ Hangout Strategies

Give people what they want and they will (Google+) hangout with you!
One constant in any marketing strategy, whether it be in the format of print, email, website, or social media is providing targeted content to a targeted audience … AKA – Giving people what they want. If you (a brand, business, marketer) provide it, they (your customers, brand ambassadors, industry influencers) will soak it in, like it, and hopefully share it.

How does this apply to the shiny widgets on Google+?
Google+ provides an opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in a unique, interactive way via “Hangouts” and “Hangouts On Air”. As a marketer, this opens up a whole new platform for connecting brands with their audiences, but also provides an opportunity for companies to show their personality and go “behind the scenes” for those interested in a deeper connection to a brand than just an ad or email offer.

Google Plus
Here are a few examples of innovative ways brands can incorporate Google+ hangouts into their content marketing strategies:

  • Google+ hangouts with celebrity endorsers and bloggers/ brand ambassadors
  • Google+ hangouts with engineers, R&D, manufacturers of products
  • Google+ hangouts with CEOs, Board Members, Industry Association Leaders

What are the trends for marketers and brands with Google+ Hangouts?
According to Ad Age: “The potential audience reach of “Hangouts On Air” — where the Hangout can be viewed by anyone who has the brand in their Circles, even if they’re not among the nine selected to actively participate — is attractive to brands, but programming one requires coordinating with Google to set it up on the back end, and Google has only done a handful so far, including a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in October and a session with “The Muppets” on their brand page to promote their upcoming film last week. Christian Oestlien, Google’s head of social advertising products, said the ultimate goal is to make Hangouts on Air a feature that brands can program independently.” – [Source:]

Interested in playing with Google+’s Hangouts On Air?
Here’s a getting started guide from Mashable:

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Georgia Cross is Co-Founder of Social Media Club Nashville. She has a background in strategic planning; protect management, and execution of marketing plans for local, regional, and national brands.


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