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Establishing Social Authority

(This article was originally posted on as part of the Social Signals in Search series.)

Rankings have long been affected by authority and, historically, authority is often measured by inbound links to a website; meaning that the more quality links a site has, the more that site is considered an authoritative site.

Although, link building is still a large part of SEO, we now have to consider social media authority in search marketing because, as I have discussed in prior posts, social media has a direct effect on search engine rankings

Companies with higher social media authority can gain more ground in search engine rankings by building strong social profiles and followings.

Multiple factors go into determining social authority including: 
  • Number of replies or comments
  • Automation vs. manual
  • Relevancy of messages
  • Association with other online groups

Tips to Earn Social Authority:
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a strong profile and to get the most out of social media.

1) Automate minimally.
Some automation in social media is okay, but it has to be supported by manual intervention and monitoring.

2) Associate with people who will share.
If you are connected to people that are interested in your topics, they are more likely to share your updates.

3) Mix it up and be entertaining. 
Don’t be predictable with your sharing, add a mix of photos, questions, comments, and post things that encourage interaction.

4) Don’t overexpose the message.
You know that annoying commercial that you see on TV or that person that posts the same content over and over … don’t be that.

5) Meet IRL.
Meeting in real-life with people makes a personal connection. People are more like to share your information if they know you on a personal level. It’s old-fashioned networking.

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