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70% of Mobile Searchers Use the Click to Call Function

Shopping, researching, and searching for products or services online using multiple devices is becoming more and more common, but phone calls are still an important part of the buying process.

In fact, Google reports that paid search ads send over 40 million calls each month, and 70% of mobile searchers report that they click to call directly from the results making it the most used feature on a mobile search results page.

To understand the role of click to call in the buying process, Google teamed with Ipsos Research and surveyed 3,000 mobile searchers who had recently made a purchase from one of seven business verticals: travel, restaurant, auto, local services, retails, finance and technology.

The research found that click to call is important for all business verticals, but when it came to searching for local services, 76% of the group would use the click to call function to schedule an appointment.

Not only is the click to call function an easy way for searchers to connect with a business, AdWords advertisers that use click to call in a paid ad see an increase of 8% in click through rates.

Additionally, three out of four calls sent from mobile paid search ads lasted longer than 30 seconds, and on average longer than 6 minutes. This means that calls from paid ads were not quick informational calls, but longer conversations to gather information or make a transaction. And 61% of participants found it “extremely important” to be able to call the business during the decision making phase of the buying process.

The research also found that the lack of a phone number in search results, either paid or organic, also effects brand perception. Half of research participants said that the lack of a call option makes them frustrated and more likely to find another option. On top of that, 33% of participants noted that they would be less likely to use the brand, or refer a friend to it without the click to call option.

Is click to call part of your mobile marketing strategy? If not, it should be! Contact us; let’s increase the volume of valuable calls to your business starting today.

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