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What is virtual assistance, and how can it help your business?

Technology has made it possible for business owners to replace physical lines with virtual ones. We use the internet, e-mail, text, phone calls, and video chat to communicate daily and working this way has become more efficient. There is a large shift in the business world where many people are running their businesses more efficiently using technology and re-thinking how they hire people for their companies. Hiring a virtual assistant can be a BIG improvement for your team.

Virtual assistants work with business owners, sales professionals and freelancers to help them with their business operations and administrative functions and allow their clients to focus on their core business activities.

Virtual Assistant

For example, let’s say you are a business owner of a digital marketing agency. There are many areas of the business you are good at and enjoy, such as social media planning, SEO, client meetings, email marketing, and video marketing. However, you are busy and need help with content, billing clients, following up with clients on questions, and reporting to clients the results you’ve created for them so that they keep paying you. There is a lot that goes into running your business but you have a small staff (or maybe it’s just you) and there’s only so much time in the day.

This is where a virtual assistant can come in and help you get all of this work done for you and your clients. Virtual assistants usually work from home (or wherever they choose) and take care of all of these things just by using their computer, internet, email, and phone to communicate with you.

How does this help you? In addition helping you get all the work done that you need to, hiring a virtual assistant as an independent contractor prevents you from having to worry about payroll taxes, and having an assistant in your office if you are on-the-go often (or in your house if you run your business from home as well.) This also allows you the benefit of finding the right virtual assistant for your business, no matter where in the U.S. they are located.

Another great example, is a sales rep for a software company. You may be great at meeting with companies and sharing the details about the software that you provide. However, you may not be good at creating an expense report, planning travel for different trade shows, organizing company orders and sending them to the appropriate contact at the company or scheduling appointments with business owners. A virtual assistant would be great to help keep you organized as you focus on what you’re good at – selling your product.

Business environments often change quickly, but that also means you can adopt new ways to run your company. Virtual assistants are one of the best ways to organize and grow your company.